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Current Issue: June 2018

In this issue, we continue with our highlighting of the winners of the 2018 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize by sharing the remarks from Lyudmila Trut, co-author of the winner in the Young Adult category, How to Tame a Fox. Dr. Trut was not able to travel to the AAAS Annual Meeting to receive her award, so she shared her remarks with us via a video recording. See what she had to say starting on p. 230.

With this issue, we also welcome the coming of longer, warmer days and shorter nights with our summer reading bibliography that focuses on the great outdoors in honor of the Great Outdoors Month in June. Find inspiration for activities you can do outdoors with our selection of books. (232)

To go along with the theme of getting outside to explore the natural world, our Read-Around-A-Theme celebrates citizen science with a selection of books and online resources that can help you get involved in contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge. (248)


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