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Read-Around-A-Theme is a series of guides that highlight books for children and adults based on an interesting or topical STEM theme. The guides will feature a selection of books for different ages and reading levels based on a single theme plus discussion questions and additional resources for extended learning.

Available only to subscribers and AAAS Teacher Members, each guide will be published in SB&F and will be available online as a PDF on a separate page that will include enhanced links to interesting media and web pages from reputable content providers.

The first guide in the series is on Octopuses. Additional guides will be added on a regular basis and will be accessible to subscribers from this page.

If you would like to comment on the series or suggest a future topic, please email us at and use the subject line Read-Around-A-Theme.

Read-Around-A-Theme Guides


For Subscribers and AAAS Teacher Members





















 Solar Eclipses


 Fall Leaves

 Cats & Dogs